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Originally Posted by RioGrandeValley View Post
FYI my battery went out at 60K or so on my 06 E90. Same for coworker's 06 E90, same for other friend's 06 E90 especially with cold weather. I took mine to BMW of Dallas charged me $525 with a $25 discount...better than $550 i guess. My coworker drove his to the local Autozone where he ended up buying one from them then they installed for free. He didn't have to reset anything nor did his car give any error codes afterwards. Now another friend of mine needs his battery replaced today YUP another 06 E90 but lucky his is at 91K miles. Reading this Mike??? Later guys just my .02 cents

got it C
will be on this tonight and hopefully will be able to get the new battery in tomorrow and running. car driving now has expired tags so can't wait any longer