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Exclamation HPFP failure FAQ!

1. What are the possible symptoms of HPFP (High Pressure Fuel Pump) failure?

- Your car has long crank (it will take longer than usual to start the car) repeatedly and/or
- You're driving on the freeway and the 1/2 engine light (malfunction engine light) comes on. You could still drive the car home. Sometimes, the 1/2 engine light disappear the next day but you do need to take it in. If the dealership is nice enough, they will test and depend on the result, they will go ahead and replace the HPFP for you. Other dealerships won't touch it if they said "No HPFP code was found". YMMV.

The 1/2 engine light could come on for different reasons: injectors, spark plugs, coilpacks, whatever else but if you have a combination of 1/2 engine light and long crank, it is your HPFP. At least that's what happened to mine.

The 1/2 power indication can be lit by a myriad of engine systems. Everything from HPFP (and other fuel related issues), to VANOS solenoids, to a kink in a Turbo vacuum line. It is not the best indication of HPFP failure.

The 1/2 light will be reset by shutting off the motor. If the the problem still exists, then 1/2 indication will relight within a few moments or when the problem reappears.

Service Engine Soon (SES) almost always accompanies an HPFP failure. (Out of 4 pumps - only one time the SES didn't light on me. In that case, the pump was working, the problem was that it was leaking fuel) A solid HPFP failure has the ECU bypass the pump and shuting off the turbos. The fuel controller instead sends the fuel directly to the injectors. The reason why the engine is shaking/running rough - only low pressure fuel is supplying the cylinders.

2. How many miles on the car when HPFP failure could happen?

I've seen 500 miles, 1,200 miles, 62 thousand miles, who knows. I'm not a psychic teller.

3. Which MY HPFP has failed the most?

Based on reading from this fantastic forum, 07 and 09 MY. Yes, someone will say I have a 07 and still on original pump so what gives? Who knows! As of 12/25/09, MY 2010 users also reported HPFP failures.

4. Which brand of gas I should stick with?

There is no telling. People who had Shell only or Chevron only, HPFPs still fail.

5. Is there a permanent fix for this?

There is a well known shop who's working on a better pump. There is no telling when this pump will be available. Search is your friend. When it comes out will it work better? Who knows!

6. Is tuning the cause of HPFP failure?

There were threads swear that HPFP failure is not tuned related as there are folks who did not have tunes, HPFP still failed. You make the call.

7. Could HPFP failures continue after 3-4 replacements?


8. With the HPFP failure like this why you guys/gals still have the car?

- BMW extends the warranty to 120k miles. The replacement takes only few hours and you're good to go. As of 12/21, MY 09 and 2010 users have not received letters to state the same extended warranty for 07 and 08 MY users.

- Can't afford the lost to trade in for a different car plus everything else is more expensive and who knows the other brands don't have issues?

- Can't find another the car that could drive/handling this good and still is affordable with the luxury for the Jones.

-under California (and possibly other states), if the HPFP is replaced 3 times under original car warranty, your car may qualify for a "buyback" under the California Lemon Law. Google search gives details.

As of January 2010, 09 MY will have the same 120k miles warranty for HPFP. See

9. OK sounds good, if I decide to keep the car, is there anything I could do to prevent it from happenning?

Not really. But if you own a high 40k's or 50k's car, you should get a BT scanner for a few hundreds. Scan your car to see if it generates any HPFP code. However, mine did not generate any HPFP code (long crank, 1/2 egnine light came on) but the dealership replaced it and i'm back on the road.

10. As of November 2009, BMW has given another try to improve the high pressure fuel pump in the N54 engine. The last/old part number for the HPFP ends in 881.

The new HPFP part number is said to end in 943.

There is no data and no other information as to what this pump fixes or doesn't fix.

Updated: The new pump that ends with 943 is no longer made by Bosch. It is made by Continental. As of January 22nd 2010, dealership will still have to use all the old pumps that end with 881 before 943 could be used. There is no telling if 943 will fix the issue for good as it was released in November 2009. You could also order the new pump from Tischer.

From historical data (getting from insider ), the fuel pump, that was made by Bosch, normally goes out after 40,000km. Bosch provides pumps for both, at least, BMW and Mercedes. We will have to see if Continental pump will have any improvement.

There might be possibly a second recall as both Bosch & Continental are about to pay both Mercedes and BMW for the failing pumps. Cars with Novemember 2010 build dates should have the new pumps that end with 943. It sounds like, no real proof/evidence, 943 will be the fix as several testings were done.

11."What should I do if I experience any of the symptoms you described in Question #1?"

Answer: don't waste time posting about it or talking about it -- take it to the dealer ASAP to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

12. Has anyone contacted NHTSA and what was the result?

Yes. NHTSA already has a case opened and they continue to monitor this issue.

13. Has anyone filed a lawsuit against BMW?


Here is another one in California

More lawsuit update posted by Quist:

Some more information about the legal actions for this problem. Here is the name of the attorney for the class action. Contact them if you have any questions or to tell them what problems you have experienced with the part and getting repairs.

All owners/lessees in the United States are Class members. This is a Nationwide Class.

Wigington Rumley Dunn, L.L.P.
Attorneys at Law
601 Howard
San Antonio, Texas 78212
(210) 487-7500

Y'all feel free to chime in/update/corrections, etc.

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