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You are right and I apologize for asking for a ridiculous refund amount. I only came to that number based on an average cost of labor and the time I put into it.

I watched your video and the only thing I can figure is for whatever reason I got a pair of side skirts where the bottom holes just didn't line up. (manufacturing issue?)

That is not your fault because you were going on the assumption that the bottom holes should have lined up. Maybe whomever you ordered them from made replicas and they got the size wrong? Anyway...I genuinely do not think you would try to rip anyone off and I even stated that to you in one of my PMs or e-mails...(can't remember which).

After watching your video it made me realize my side skirts are just funked up for what ever reason.

I went back and deleted the posts because I now believe (after watching your video) you did provide what you had originally stated in your OP.

However...the pictures I have show that I did legitimately have to drill.

I feel pretty bad about this whole thing now but I am sure you can understand why I was frustrated.

I appreciate you taking the time to make the video. As I said at the beginning of this post...I guess my set of sides were screwed up by the manufacturer.