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Originally Posted by Makushr1 View Post
I think you meant 2010 for SC2 (since it's not coming out in the next week). 2011 for D3 for sure.

I think they are only doing 1 more xpack for wow. I thought I read that somewhere, but I'm not sure. If they keep selling, they will keep making for sure.

Speaking about another MMO, I'm about to create a thread on that...
My predictions for SC2 are not mistaken as I didn't cover 2010 in my list. 2010 is already (mostly) set in stone. We will be getting the first of three SC2 games (SC2:Terran), and WoW:Cataclysm.

Elaborating a bit on my list from a few posts back, and knowing that Blizzard likes to have 2 year life cycles on its games/expansions. I predicted the second of three SC2 games (SC2:Zerg) will be coming in 2011 because the originally planned release of SC2:Terran was suppose to be late 2009. Assuming that SC2:Terran's delays (which were mentioned to have been caused by their implementation of the new functionality) do not affect their future releases then a 2011 SC2:Zerg release would make sense. However, this may end up being unlikely since they might not want to have a big Diablo 3 release and then a SC2 sequel in the same year. And while Blizzard has a history of releasing 1 title per year they mentioned they would like to start doing 2 per year at the last BlizzCon. But I wouldn't be surprised if 2011 gave us only Diablo 3, with 2012 giving us the new MMO and SC2:Zerg.