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Originally Posted by tintivilus View Post
I *strongly* suspect it's the same as other aftermarket and OEM USB connections, which are just USB hosts that support mass-storage devices (and FAT32). Basically what you'd get is the ability to use a USB flash drive instead of an mp3 CD or DVD. I'd be really surprised if there were any functions more advanced than what you currently get with mp3 disks, or any sort of knowledge of USB devices beyond mass storage mode.

The only scenario where this would really come in handy is if you have one of the non-iPod mp3 players (Sandisk?) that keeps all the tracks named in a nice orderly fashion and presents itself as a mass storage device over USB.

I wouldn't give up my ipod adapter for this feature, but it could be handy if I weren't an ipod user.
I thought we were talking about the new factory install Ipod/USB adaptor that they are offering in the E93 in March. I figured it would be offered in the E92 at the sametime and I was wondering how the cost compared to a dealer installed unit.