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Originally Posted by ucdbiendog View Post
Well I got my HPFP replaced last week. It cured the long cranks and the engine malfunction lights. However, something new has cropped up. Now, sometimes while I am waiting at a light in neutral, I feel a slight shutter once in a while, as if the engine mis-fired or something. Doesn't seem serious, car still drives and starts fine, but I'm pretty sensitive to these things.
I'm no expert but if you can't tell that engine misfires then you could go to the store and get a digital thermostat/reader and beam it at each core that taps to the engine (hope I say it right) and read the temparature for each core. If you have found one that has lower temp than the rest, that one is misfired.

Also misfires will throw code so if you have a bt scanner, scan it. If not, try the above.