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To make it easier here is the lease worked out for several scenarios:
Automatic ZVP
MSRP $37000
Selling Price: $33910
Cap Cost: $32410 (after rebate)
Monthly Payments:
36 Mos / 10000 Miles: $395.90
36 Mos / 12000 Miles: $405.29
36 Mos / 15000 Miles: $424.07

Keep in mind this is for a base car. For the monthly payment on a car with options add $12.33 for every $1000 in options on a 10K mile lease. Add $12.60 for every $1000 in options on a 12K mile lease. And add $13.10 for every $1000 in options on a 15K mile lease.

These numbers do not include tax because I don't know where you live. To get a rough estimate just add your tax to the payments above.