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you know he kills little girls like you
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Wow, this Leach guy is a real idiot. He clearly is incapable of contemplating the long term consequences of his actions. What good did he think would come of this? Did he think he was going to teach the faker a lesson? Did he even stop to consider that the kid (James) wasn't faking? What sort of message does this send to kids who suffered from a concussion at a later date? Obviously some would simply try to "play through it", so as not to risk getting kicked off the team. Then you'd have some kid drop dead in practice because he didn't want to tell coach he has a concussion, despite the fact that a doctor told him he did. Clearly this above scenario is hypothetical, but not at all outside the realm of plausibility. Seriously, this guy should be kicked out of college football, if nothing else, for being a colossal dumbass.

His lawyer is now trying to make it seem like he did the kid a favor.

"Because of the fact that he had a concussion and he was extremely limited in the physical activity he could undergo, Mike felt like that was the best place for him and still be close to and part of the team,'' Liggett told the paper. "There's much, much more than meets the eye. The diagnosing doctor has signed a note stating that Adam James was in no way injured by the actions coach Leach took. In fact, he was better off in the building than he would have been outside."
That's just fucking heart warming. He put the kid in the shed to make sure that no harm came to him. That must have been why he did it. Recalcitrant dumbass.