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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
i dont get it.

a doctor diagnosed that james did not have a concussion after the practice in question.

james did not show up to the next practice.

player was disciplined for not showing up to practice and then claimed to have a concussion?

why didnt he tell the doctor who saw him that he felt like he had a concussion? they usually listen
"Because of the fact that he had a concussion and he was extremely limited in the physical activity he could undergo, Mike felt like that was the best place for him and still be close to and part of the team,'' Liggett told the paper. "There's much, much more than meets the eye. The diagnosing doctor has signed a note stating that Adam James was in no way injured by the actions coach Leach took. In fact, he was better off in the building than he would have been outside."

Seems like Leach's recognizes the concussion.