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Catless with Vibrant resonators (#1792)

I just installed some AR catless DPs two weeks ago, and I have the CP-e exhaust system already installed for a while....It sounds great but there is an occasional rasp at low rpms since I have a AT..The occasional rasp note is only apparent when I am in D mode and not DS mode....The rasp is not bad, but I want to see if I can get rid of it all together and make it perfect...I asked a couple of forum members and they told me to add some resonators to the exhaust and that should reduce the raspyness, so I ordered a pair of Vibrant Performance model #1792 resonators measuring 12 inch by 3.5 in diameter from and they arrived today...Two pairs of these resonators cost me 95 bucks shipped...The resonators looks to be good quality and the welds are really nice and they are made in China...My exhaust shop is closed until Monday, so I will have installed next week....I am going to install them in the midpipes section where there is a straight section where I can cut and weld these suckers into place...Here are some pics of the resonator..
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