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Exclamation *** BMW's Roadmap for 2010 ***

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This information is as per BMWs inside man Scott26/7! Here is a summary of whats to come in 2010. Special thanks to Southlight and Mii for filling in some holes in this information.
  • BMW Concept Active E NAIAS (01/10)
  • BMW Active E Production Car (eDrive) Paris (08/10)
  • BMW Z4 sDrive35is (link) Detroit (01/10)
  • BMW 1-Series SuperSport (///M1) Winter 2010 reveal with official debut at Detroit 2011. Sales in Europe/USA Spring/Summer 2011
  • BMW 3-Series and M3 Coupe/Cabrio LCI (Life Cycle Impulse aka Facelift) (link) to be revealed early January with official Autoshow debut at Geneva (03/10)
  • BMW 5-Series Sedan (link) Geneva (03/10) and New York (04/10)
  • BMW 5-Series Concept ActiveHybrid 5 Geneva (03/10)
  • BMW 5-Series Li (long wheel base) Shanghai (04/10)
  • BMW 5-Series Touring (F11) (link) Summer-Fall 2010
  • BMW 5-Series M-Sport Packages Summer-Fall 2010
  • BMW M5 Geneva 2011
  • BMW 6-Series (link) to be revealed late November with official Autoshow debut at Geneva 2011
  • BMW X1 USA Launch late in the year -- possibly at LA
  • BMW X3 Launch sheduled for late May/Early June
  • BMW X5 LCI / Facelift to be seen soon with official reveal Spring 2010
  • Next Generation Turbocharged 3 and 4 cylinder engines End of 2010
  • UNKNOWN BMW Concept Car Geneva (03/10) --- Likely the M1 (thanks for finding that southlight!)
  • UNKNOWN BMW Concept Car Paris (08/10)

Here is his original post

And if you thought that 2009 was an eventful year for BMW , just wait till you see what is in store for 2010.

Beginning in January with the Detroit Autoshow (NAIAS) and the World Premiere of the highly significant BMW Concept Active E.
BMW Concept Active E begins the introduction of BMW eDrive , and will be BMW's first electric vehicle in a long time and again like the MINI E a precursor to a similar leasing programme. The Production car that will begin the trial will be unveiled at the Paris Motor show in October.
Also taking stage at Detroit will be the latest BMW Z4 sDrive 3.5is Roadster taking the experience of the Z4 to a new level.

Prior to the NAIAS although not debuting in Detroit will be the Life Cycle impulse (LCi) of the best selling and class leading BMW 3er coupe and cabrio. New engines , minor styling tweaks and new equipment and color options enhance on the segment's best coupe. Minor refreshing will also be revealed for the M3 although the changes are not on looks to keep a continuity with the BMW M3 GTS. Both the 3er Coupe and Cabrio , M3 refresh and M3 GTS will make their World Premiere in Geneva in March.

When the 5er was launched on the 23rd November there was anticipation that the new 5er would debut at the LA Motor Show as there was about it arriving at Detroit. Sales in the North American market will not commence until the second quarter of 2010. A US Premiere will likely be at the New York Autoshow in April.

The World Premiere of the F10 will commence in Geneva where the public will be able to experience the full range of the new 5er from the 520d to the (for now) range topping 550i assisted by a Concept Active Hybrid 5 this time using a six cylinder 218PS engine aided by a 40PS electric motor.
An additional Concept car relating to a future product will also debut at Geneva.

The BMW X5 gains it's Life Cycle Impulse with minor styling tweaks , and new engines with the Turbo charged Six cylinder and eight cylinder crossing over from the X6 to the X5. The class leading Six cylinder diesel reently launched in the 740d will bring new levels of performance and efficiency to the X5.

Shanghai in April brings the important Chinese market the BMW 5er Li. An important for the Chinese market. To understand the signifigance of China to BMW. Following on from 2007 BMW will introduce a Concept Car that reflects the luxury market.

Leading into Summer and in the run down to Paris We will see the next phase of the BMW 5er in the shape of the BMW 5er Touring.
Building on the qualities of the recently launched sedan with more utility and flexibility with a more streamlined dynamic looking roof line instead of being completely all about utility.
The BMW 520d follwing on from the BMW 320d will appear as the most efficient 5er model. Additional M-Sport packages will also come with the launch of the Touring and will also be available for the sedan also.

Following the cycle of the 5er just as the E60 in 2003. Will be the second generation BMW X3 Sport Activity Vehicle. A car that BMW is most excited about because as it is the second generation model it takes what work with the first model and improves on every level it then takes the short comings to the E83 and eradicates them. The new architecture is not just a preview of the new BMW 3er. It will take the new X3 to a new level of dynamics. More sporty orientated chassis technology, award winning petrol and diesel powerplants and a mini-X5 aura will help the X3 retain it's crown.

The Production allbeit Specific client cars of the 1er Active E will follow the same idea set with the MINI E. Leased to customers for a fee but given all infrastructure to charge the car. The 1er Active E introduces eDrive to the BMW brand. As the larger format cars such as 5, 6 , 7 and the X vehicles retain Hybrid power either in full or mild hybrid.
The lower cars such as 1er , 3er and X1 will receive eDrive powertrains.
The 1er Active E preludes the next generation BMW 1er in which the model will be launched with an Active E model a few months after introduction.
BMW will have an Electric Compact car on the market before any of it's competitors.

Another BMW Concept Car should debut @ Paris.

In the latter half of the year towards the end of November we will see the next generation 6er Coupe debut prior to the World Premiere at Geneva in 2011. A 6er Coupe will always be something to look forward to , striking styling enhancing it's current muscular stance and key details with unique engines to reflect the intentions of the new 6er, A Z4 , CS esque type facia will add more dynamism to the cars interior.

Late 2010 possibly at the LA Auto Show will see the US launch of the BMW X1 prior to it's late 2010 launch.

At the tail end of 2010 the first details of BMW's new Turbo charged Four and Three cylinders will be released as a teaser to spearhead the countdown to the summer 2011 launch of the next generation BMW 1er.
expect a new level of excitement when the first details are released.

As for the BMW Group Brands?
MINI will launch the Production Crossover @ Geneva.
Seen thinly disguised as this months Detroit Concept MINI "Beachcomber". The Crossover will bring a new market to the MINI brand. The Crossover will also be flexible in a way a MINI should be. Customisation programmes and specific accessories will allow owners to personalize their MINI Crossover. This coincides with a refresh of the current R56 car , exterior details are kept minimal although new wheel designs will add a fresh perspective as will new light graphics. Inside minor ailments of the car are updated as is specific materials.
In the Spring prototypes of the MINI Coupe and Roadster will begin outside testing having undergone internal trials prior to 2011 debut.

MINI will also introduce a Vision MINI a MINI for the future . Taking it's lightness and urban character to new heights. The Vision MINI will make use of BMW's Efficient Dynamics or known in MINI circles as MINIMALISM. But use many areas of BMW expertise such as SGL the joint venture with BMW to showcase a carbon fibre body. Design details will stray towards the next generation MINI which will debut in 2013.

Another Concept for MINI will also showcase it's intentions to cover all bases in the urban segment.

Rolls-Royce will begin to expand it's Ghost series with a 201EX Concept expected to be a DropHead Coupe @ Paris in October.
As the recently launched Ghost continues to sell (orders are now into 2011) and receive excellent reviews. BMW are keen to get the first model expansion of the new line in the customers view.
As like the rest of the EX series , 201EX will be a thinly disguised concept. the production car will debut a year later in Frankfurt.