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@ Questions.

The 5er Li is an exclusive model to the Chinese market and built exclusively for China in China. There are no plan for export to other markets.

Concepts sheduled to appear relate to the Project i initiative and show cars that will preview future models.

No Supercar.

The BMW 1er (F20) debuts in mid 2011. World Premiere will be at the 2011 IAA. US Market will forgo the hatchback again.
That is too bad, that was really one of the few offerings BMW had I was interested in. Oh well, good for my wallet I guess, won't have to worry about handing BMW another 40k of my money anytime soon. Maybe the wife would lease an x1 but I doubt it becuase they probably won't offer the turbo engines. Which I have discovered is a must here at 6000ft. I wonder when the audi a3 gets an update.
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