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FRESHE90 all you have to do is change the brake sensor.. thats all mine was. when they brakes are changed you have to change the sensor too. i had this same problem and thats all i had to do.
I second this. In October 2008 my red carlift and red brake light symbols came on. I took in my car to my independent BMW service center, and all it needed was a new brake sensor. It was a big relief when I found that out. Now as of yesterday these two light came on again. I just replaced my rear brakes and sensor so I know its not any of the rear brake components. I Looked at my front brakes and sure enough my brakes/sensor are really worn out even though my dash board said it has 2000 miles left to go. I am going to replace front rotors,brakes,sensor, and reset all the service lights. That should do the trick. I hope this helps.