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Originally Posted by quattrogmbh View Post
I'm all for the easy life when it comes to motoring. I want something which is going to get me from A to B even with a light dusting of snow and not leave me stranded somewhere.

BMW service suggested that the winter tyres would make little difference. While I don't entirely trust their opinion, I'm not willing to be 1800 or even 800 lighter in the pocket and not experience a substantive improvement in traction.

I've owned a fair few quattro's before (Username may have given that away) and have never had issues with traction, even with standard tyres. Plenty of problems with leaky rear diffs, but nothing which left me stranded.

Don't get me wrong, I adore the 335d, but In these weather conditions, I'm losing confidence.

There are MANY people who have spoken about the VAST improvement in traction that going to winter tyres give. And they all speak from their own EXPERIENCE.

I've used winter tyres for three winters now, on the 335i and on a E46 330i before that, in the harshest conditions in the Czech Republic countryside where my brother lives, northern Germany and elsewhere. Basically, far worse conditions than anywhere here in the UK. Not ONCE have I been stuck or stranded. Not ONCE have I thought, good God I can't get home or I can't go on the road. AND I'm using 19" wheels... my brother uses 18" winters on his Alpina, and he lives in the Czech Republic full-time. He's never had a problem either.