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Installed the Vibrant resonators (1792) into my CPE exhaust today, and there is ZERO rasp now!!!!!!

Before installing the catless DPs, there was slight drone with my exhaust already, and after the DP install without the resonators the car droned more....With the resonators installed there is significantly much less drone to the point I can't really call it annoying and there is less than before the catless DPs!!!!!!...Its a pure DEEP, THROATY exhaust note...In D mode when I hit the gas while cruising, its just moves with no rasp that I exhibited in the lower rpms...Here are some pics but they are really shit.....Blackberry camera phone....My exhaust shop was able to weld both resonators on right before the rear brace...I am now a happy camper and don't sound like a CIVIC!
For anyone that has any type of rasp, to get rid of this annoying rasp, you should consider these Vibrant resonators part #1792 which fits perfectly and cost only 95 bucks shipped...Install cost me 130 bucks...

BTW...I will let you guys know tomorrow when I do a COLD start to see how much of a difference it makes with these resonators, but I will tell you this when the engine is warm and idling the exhaust is definitely less audible than without them...It less of a paper flapping noise/ farting sound!!

I had many exhaust systems on my previous cars, but first time going catless and I wasn't too happy with the sound afterwards, but after installing these resonators, I have to say its sounds very exotic and better than I ever thought it would sound...Looking at the resonators before the install, I would have never guessed it would have dampened the sound of the rasp and change the exhaust tone to the point that it sounds deeper but muffled! Its crazy but this shit works!! lol
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