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Originally Posted by Lucky1 View Post
My BMW dealership told me that if I had them change the transmission fluid it would void my warranty. They claim the transmission is a non-serviceable, sealed unit. Once "opened" to change the fluid my warranty will not cover any future defects, even by a BMW dealership technician. Anyone have any experience with this? I want to call BMW and find out the truth. The problem with this is if the transmission were to have problems because the fluid went bad it'd likely happen after the warranty in which case you're screwed. But if you do it before the warranty expires you're no longer protected under the warranty for any other problems. BMW won't stand by its warranty if its own dealership technicians perform the change? WTF?

I have a hard time believing BMWNA would allow this, but I suppose there's always a chance that they're using the following logic: New fluid dislodges crud from an area where it's not causing a problem to an area where it DOES cause a problem.

This is a common problem for transmissions whose fluid change was done late in life.