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Originally Posted by Nando View Post
hmmm...good idea but expensive...intake, exhaust, and downpipes shouldnt cause catastophic engine failure so paying the extra premium for the insurance is a waste off money imo. Good idea for the tune, but $1600 for the procede, air filter, and scoops is alot of money. With that being said good luck, its always good to see a new vendor taking interest in the N54
I suppose the only other alternative is Dinan, and from our research it seems most don't want to pay that kind of money for that kind of power. We are hoping to hit the middle ground, offering popular products with the backup of insurance for the worst case scenario.

It may never happen, but of course it might and for that eventuality you guys now have an option

Our more advanced packages are also proving to be the most popular along with simply the PROcede units themselves, but it's still early days and we will review our packages in the coming months (any feedback and opinions on what we should offer would be appreciated from the E90 fraternity!)

Originally Posted by airwolf878 View Post
Seems like a great concept, but I have to say it's pretty funny to see the offroad-use only disclaimer on some products when the warranty protection doesn't cover the offroad/track use.
Yep, unfortunately just one of those things... I'm sure you understand why


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