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Originally Posted by hun77777 View Post
thanks a lot for your response. how many quarts did you need? it says package of 2 quarts. do you remember roughly how much it was?

also anybody has any finding on transmission fluids?
~$13 a quart.

If yours is a 335i, the diff takes 1.2 Liters. And you will need a short 14mm hex head (socket driver) to undo the fill port. The craftsman socket driver was too long, which means some stuff will have to come off behind the diff. (or maybe not, I have an E93, so there is some extra structure bracing back there). Anyway try find a stubby hex driver or cut down a long one, life will be easier and one can use a torque wrench (60nm) to re-insert the plug within the limited space.

The port is for fill. There is no drain plug. You are going to have to suck/vacuum out the fluid. Or take off the rear cover. I went with extracting the fluid with a hand pump. Like the ole way of sucking engine oil fluid thru the dipstick tube , it will be difficult to know if you have gotten out of the fluid, but you should be able to get most of it.

Oh yeah, it appears that the fill port is about at the 1 liter level. Indeed, the TIS says to put fluid in until it starts dripping out the hole. OR follow the recommended amount called out by such and such chart. N52 cars take 1 liter, N54 takes 1.2. So do some measuring before hand. And you may have to raise the rear higher than the front to get the other .2 liters in.

Have fun, and don't be afraid to swear at the car when you are working on it. I try to learn a new german cuss word to practice before working on this one. BMW AG really doesn't want you (or it seems even a factory-trained tech) to work on these cars.
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