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Originally Posted by SIEN View Post
We are very proud to have recently become sponsors of Bimmerpost and therefore would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company and importantly, what we do.

SIEN Performance is an online retailer of tuning products for the N54. We choose our products based on a strict criteria of Safety, Performance and Quality from leading manufacturers such as Vishnu Performance, AR Design, AMS, AFE, Injen, K&N, H&R and Eibach to name but a few.

...But we are proud to offer something a little different…

All of our store products are offered together with 'Associated Parts Insurance'.

We call it SIEN Warranty, in simple terms: a tuned vehicle insurance.... If a part sold with SIEN Warranty causes a failure to a part directly associated with it, we will get it fixed for you*

That could be the injectors, the turbos/wastegates or even the whole engine. If the tuning product caused the fault, and you're covered by our Warranty, we pick up the tab.*

We believe a large proportion of N54 owners wish to tune their vehicles but do not want to take on the risk of catastrophic part failure that can sometimes be associated with tuning your car. So, for a small premium on our products we take on that risk for you... leaving you to enjoy your newly tuned car without that worry.

It allows our customers to tune their vehicles with peace of mind, knowing that if the worst should happen they have protected themselves. SIEN Warranty isn’t designed to be used as an aftermarket warranty, it is simply your backup plan incase something major goes wrong, after all it is only a few hundred $ more than buying the part from the manufacturer. We hope our customers think this is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Like every insurance package there are some conditions, all of which can be viewed on our website but to extract the most relevant to you:
  • Only vehicles that would be still under original manufacturers warranty (i.e. 4yr/50k miles) are eligable
  • Warranty is valid for 12 months
  • Only tuning parts sold via SIEN Performance can be installed in the vehicle in the same area (i.e. Engine components)
  • ... click here for a full list

I'm sure you have many questions, so please ask away, send us an email on
or simply visit our site which has our list of products, FAQ’s, warranty information and offers

We offer an efficient and friendly service, a wide and constantly expanding range of products, a unique insurance product, Free Shipping on every product, customer discounts and incentives and special package options.

We look forward to hearing from you!

SIEN Performance

* A full list of coverage and conditions are listed on our site. Please review these conditions to ensure your vehicle is eligable.
I see this is a good idea on paper but logistically, it will be a nightmare of paperwork. I assume the warranty claims portion is outsourced right? You guys have purchased insurance and have applied the cost of the insurance on a pro-rate basis, depending on risk factors and cost of typical repairs, among the suite of products? So the individual trying to make a claim would have to go through the insurance company right?

Im going to be honest, I dont see this working for you as an owner, or for any customers out there due to the amount of disagreement and contention that will arise due to the claims process. I think people will continue to roll the dice by removing mods when going to the dealer and find comfort in their local independent shop.

The economic decision is simply to ask, is the cost of the repair > than the cost of removing and re-installing all of my parts? If yes, then proceed to remove and take to dealership and hope that they can sort it out. If no, then pay for it out of pocket and avoid dealing with BMW all together...

I really don't see how this will ever make money... but best of luck. It is a unique concept and most successful people did not make money doing what everyone else did.