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Originally Posted by R1000K3 View Post
I simply can't see how this business meet a need. You sell 12-month warranty, for cars only that are still under warranty by BMW, while a lot of people have used tuned cars for years without failures that are not caused by the tune. Who needs this warranty when fails that occur are caused by bad HPFP's and weak WG's etc. that are not tune-related, and thus handled by BMW?
Maybe it's a different mentality, but there are plenty of new owners who are not currently tuning their vehicles due to the potential risk. And there is risk, anything that pushes a component this far out of it's delivered zone runs a risk I'm sure that's something most can agree on. The level of risk is the speculation point.

When the concept was conceived it was through discussions with many owners, and of course we ourselves saw it as something we would take up. The peace of mind knowing that, just in case, (and that is the key here) something goes wrong because I wanted to tune my car and BMW said 'hey buddy, no way' I don't want to be stuck with that bill to pay. For me (and hopefully others) it's worth the few hundred extra. But we are very aware it's not for everyone.

Lot's will want to run the risk and try and get any problems done on warranty, and others will want even more security than we can offer by going to Dinan (who still offer a great product). Hopefully we sit in the middle somewhere for people who still want to push the boundries... but with a safety net at the bottom.