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Originally Posted by turkish335 View Post
I see this is a good idea on paper but logistically, it will be a nightmare of paperwork. I assume the warranty claims portion is outsourced right? You guys have purchased insurance and have applied the cost of the insurance on a pro-rate basis, depending on risk factors and cost of typical repairs, among the suite of products? So the individual trying to make a claim would have to go through the insurance company right?

Im going to be honest, I dont see this working for you as an owner, or for any customers out there due to the amount of disagreement and contention that will arise due to the claims process. I think people will continue to roll the dice by removing mods when going to the dealer and find comfort in their local independent shop.

The economic decision is simply to ask, is the cost of the repair > than the cost of removing and re-installing all of my parts? If yes, then proceed to remove and take to dealership and hope that they can sort it out. If no, then pay for it out of pocket and avoid dealing with BMW all together...

I really don't see how this will ever make money... but best of luck. It is a unique concept and most successful people did not make money but doing what everyone else does.

Well Thanks, I think lol

Yes the insurance is oursourced of course, although it comes through us first in an attempt to resolve as quickly as possible. Nobody knows it like us so that's the deal we have with them luckily enough.

As I said, this isn't a replacement to the warranty. I'd still expect people to go to their dealers first. We all know that even the most basic of issues will be 'tune related' if your all bolted up. Whether it's worth it for some people will of course be up to them, we hope so. We have tried to price it competitively enough so that it's worth the shot, but it is considered simply the backup plan and whether people will see those few hundred dollars as worth that little extra security well, we hope so, initial feedback seems very positive!