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Originally Posted by R1000K3 View Post
Yes, but what safety net are you actually providing? Will your warranty cover current known issues after BMW's warranty expires, for HPFP's, Injectors, Coils, WG-bushings and VANOS mechanism's, which are known not tune related? I guess not. Just give me one example when the warranty is needed and applicable and I'll be happy.
Of course we aren't going to supply an aftermarket engine warranty that covers anything for just a few hundred $, although there are companies that do that out there, and the only known issue we don't currently cover is the HPFP, although as known issues they should be picked up by BMW regardless.
Fault wise I would say a mixture of turbos/WG's or full on meltdowns will be the main claims we would see, of which there are plenty about that we know about. It's not a huge amount but it definately happens.

Originally Posted by jcarlucci1 View Post
What kind of documentation do you need in order to determine what caused the problem? Are you going to personally inspect every car that has a claim? And how long is it going to take to pay a claim. If people have to wait around for days or weeks thats going to cause major issues.

Also, 99% of the cars here are already modded..if you wont offer warranties on cars that have parts other than those that you sell, then who do you plan on selling to?
We would speak with the dealership, or independent that is holding the car. As each case is completely different we take it on a case by case basis, but we would either simply resolve it instantly or send in an assessor to review the vehicle and the claim. If you've ever had an aftermarket warranty for a vehicle it works pretty much the same way.
Our priority is of course to make the process as pain-free and quick as possible, nobody wants the inconvenience of having their car off the road

Originally Posted by Mr. 5 View Post
Does the insurance include labor?
Where would one have to go if anything were to happen?
Pretty good idea.
Absolutely, in the same way as an aftermarket warranty the costs for repair are just that, the costs of repair.

Originally Posted by ar design View Post
You should have people you give that information to sign an NDA or something - you don't want someone running off with your ideas. Ask me how I know.....
Hey Andrew! Yea I know, it's frustrating not simply just stating the name but like you said a lot of sweat and tears has gone into it, would be heartbeaking to see it stolen at the beginning!