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Originally Posted by R1000K3 View Post
Will your warranty cover a defective Turbo/WG unconditionally, after BMW’s warranty expires?
Could you expand on this? Not sure exactly what you mean... (but if you mean after the BMW warranty expires at the end of 4yr/50k miles then that would be outside the policy term so unfortunately they wouldn't be replaced)

Originally Posted by jippii ensio View Post
So you do not cover HPFP although Procede increases the fuel pressure putting more stress on it. That is understandable since it is impossible to say if the added stress made it fail, or if it had failed regardless of the tuning. However, if people want their FPHP to be covered under the warranty, your solution will NOT help them in any way. They still need to take off their DPs etc if they want to be sure their HPFP to be covered by the BMW.
They sure would, if people wish to retain their official warranty then I would recommend returning to stock, just like we always have. But if something happens with the turbos (or anything related), and BMW then refuse to fix based on it being a tune related fault... well at least you now have a backup plan.

With regards to HPFP, it's simply something that even BMW recognise as a faulty part... there's just no way we can take responsibility for it at the price point we are at.

Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
Let me get this straight. Say I buy the Stage one pacage, and 3 months down the road my turbos are whinning, i go to the dealer and they tell me to buzz off cause the car has a tune on it. My car needs new turbos, where do i go and who pays for it?
If they know your car has been tuned then yep, they will cancel your warranty. But if the turbos have a whine because of the tune (i.e. the report from them and any investigations we would need to do) then yes, we would have it fixed for you.

This is a big contention, and I understand people's concerns with the whole 'fitting/un-fitting' of mods. The problem being, leave them in and run the risk of warranty denial/cancellation...

The situation wouldn't change with buying, say, a PROcede and DP's from us. You are in exactly the same position that many of you are in now. BUT, if something did go terribly wrong and BMW say adios (also taking into account you do not require a valid BMW warranty to be eligable for our products, just be within the 4yr/50mile zone) we are there to help you out.

Originally Posted by cu_north View Post
I have to agree with R1000K3 at this point.

If I understand what you've said correctly, you are giving a warranty to cover failures related to parts you sell. But the car must be under the factory BMW warranty? The general practice has been to remove mods when a person goes to the dealer with a problem, therefore the BMW warranty covers it.

I suppose one could say what if the dealer says 'no way' but that's a big what if. If you've removed the mods, then its up to the dealer to prove mods even caused the problem. Maybe I'm just splitting hairs...

Good luck with your new idea!
Sorry tried to answer this above too... The car doesn't even have to have warranty in place as long as it falls under 4yr/50miles.

It would be in every customers interest to keep their BMW warranty in tact as our warranty runs out quicker and only covers specific area's of the car... To act just as they are now but in the knowledge that there is a safety blanket.

We of course could expand the coverage.. include longer time policies, take over more responsibility of components etc but I believe it would raise the premium to levels that nobody would be acceptable with. We are simply offering our tuning products with a backup safety net in the 'rainy day' scenario and duly have tried to keep the costs (both ours and the products) as low as possible.

Originally Posted by luca335i View Post
Sounds good. But I don't get it really. Let's say I buy a procede from u
and all other bolt ons from someone else and my engine blows for some unknown reason. Do I still get engine warranty? How would u know I had other bolt ons on the car that I didn't buy from u?
Ah, I see it might be an idea for us to come up with a proper explanation of all this as I think the main parts of the concept aren't getting across properly.

Before I create that I'll say, for your scenario above, the main point is that for the policy to remain active only parts sold through us are allowed on the vehicle. We know they were purchased new, at what date and of course earn commission which goes towards the premium to keep the number crunchers happy. A main reason we are constantly expanding the product range. Much like Dinan, only parts sold from us can be used on that specific part of the vehicle (e.g. Engine).

Thanks guys!