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stock amp in 2010 Gone!

Edit: This thread title was changed to avoid misleading readers. Also, places were I specified the amp have been altered to not mislead
Now on to the original message...

I've got this new car with the stock stereo system and am looking to upgrade with the after market amp and sub that I used in my old car, but I've run into a little surprise on the wiring.

My car:
2010 335i X-Drive with NAV/iDrive and stock stereo (STDRD)

First, I expected the stock amp to be in the trunk on the drivers side. After removing all the panels, I found this:

Note that the side view shots are embedded in the shot:
Name:  TrunkView.jpg
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I assume that the component in center (that is generally hidden under the bottom panel) is the Bluetooth module.

When I unbolt and lift up the Bluetooth nodule, I find a component that looks to me like the amp: (Edit: this is not the amp)

Name:  BluetoothModule_Underside.jpg
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Here is the label on the component:
Name:  AmpLabel.jpg
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Here is the label on the bluetooth module (I suspect that this is irrelevant, but who am I?):
Name:  BluetoothModule.jpg
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So the connectors on the component are not what I was expecting if it were the amp. It looks like the black thick wire on the bottom is an LVDS input from the head unit. Note there is a second plug that is not being used next to it. What could that be? Also on the top, there is a green wire (could it be an amp on signal) and a wire covered in a black sleeve (ground?). In the wiring harness, there are only 6 wires:


Name:  WireHarness.jpg
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These don't match any of the wiring diagrams that I've seen here for amps, so if this were the amp there must have been quite a change to the overall system I do have 6 speaker, would these be the positives with a shared ground?

Is anyone familiar with this? is there a LVDS converter that I could get for this. Also, I need to figure out which are the speaker wires.

Thanks for your time.

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