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Originally Posted by Tonybest View Post

You got out of this crash with minor injuries and you want to sue the car manufacturer who is probably the sole reason you are alive today... Wow.. just wow!

Anyways... glad you got out alive... and I hope that if you sue BMW, you should also sue the tire manufacturers, the road designers, the animal control people... and maybe a bunch of others too...
+2 as well.

I think, from looking at the pictures, the airbag didn't deploy because there was no impact on that side. Furthermore had it gone off, I think your female friend would've probably been more hurt. Airbags are not fun in your face.

BMW built a good safe car, and you got out good. Get the insurance money and either go with the C63 or stick with BMW as you have found out first hand how complete you and your friend came out of that wreck.

PS from a legal perspective, be glad your female friend is so unhurt, she could, in fact, sue you as you were the one in control of the vehicle. Food for thought.