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Originally Posted by san~man View Post
It's hard to tell from the pics, and I am by no means an expert, but it doesn't appear the area in the bumper where the airbag sensors are located sustained enough damage/impact/force to deploy the bag.

It looks like the lower lip/valence was ripped off, and the driver side of the bumper cover, but the metal frame of the bumper (front middle) doesn't "look" damaged very much.

like san-man said there was no front damage which the airbags didnt deploy however you can see you rolled over on your sides not front and back flips. and the second i saw you mentioning suing you are stupid. all are saying you should send bmw a thank you letter for saving your life... god be with you boy because next time you will shitttt your pants before you come out alive out of a wreck like that...