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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
LOL, the only other thing you will need then is some 6x9s resting on top of the rear deck to give you the full sound experience! (sorry, couldn't resist)
Well, it would be integrated and flush and probably more than a simple tweeter. Bad wording on my part, but at this point, it is all speculation, but if there is a good sail solution that I could put in mine, that would be great. I wonder since the sail is one very large piece that stretches over the top of the window and down some unknown distance behind the door panel (I haven't removed it yet to see).

However, I seriously doubt that you will be able to give them enough power from the head unit, and I'm also not sure that you will be able to run the tweeter parallel to the mid without adding to much stress on the internal amp. Also remember that you will have to add an in-line resistor to protect the tweeter from the lower frequencies.
LOL, I've got a 2KW amp that I intend to use for this upgrade and would definately would use a high-pass filter (not a resistor) on any tweeter that i'd install. My Electrical Engineering degree taught me at least that

Being that it is such a new car, I told my self that I was going to wait a while, but the amp in the trunk solution was going to be so quick and easy until I found out that BMW changed it up for my year. Now it is getting to be a much bigger job - but I already lost the use of my empeg, and now I've got to step down to lesser sound too - it's too much to bear!