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Originally Posted by MikeJabb View Post
It is quite common for a dealer to refuse to do warranty work on a modified car if the modification may be related to the problem. There are many members who have been told by their dealer that work cannot be performed on their car unless it is returned to stock. Once returned to stock warranty work can proceed. (I'm talking about exhausts)

To completely deny/void a warranty claim based on an exhaust flapper, BMW would need to prove that an open exhaust flapper specifically caused damage. What is more, (assuming you plug it back in when you goto the dealer) they would have to prove that YOU unplugged it and absolutely rule out a bad connection.

Voiding warranty based on tuner codes is a totally different story.
I said an aftermarket exhaust voided their warranty. Threw a code for an engine problem. Not talking about just the flapper as you weren't in your claim an aftermarket exhaust wouldn't void the warranty.