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Originally Posted by M3KILL3R View Post
hmm honestly...the second i went off the ledge i slammed my right arm back towards her chest to hold her in place and said hold on. after that it was an out of body everything was 3rd person to me...
after we landed and i made sure she was okay i turned around and told her ," so u like the view?" loll

and im leaning towards a C63 right now, but not sure yet...

i have one question tho... u guys think suing bmw for the air bags not opening is a good idea and will go through? because the front ones or the passanger side ones didnt open...
What is this, the plot of Jason Statham's latest movie or something? "Hahaha mega car crash of a cliff let me drop a quick funny!"

Originally Posted by Mark M View Post
Agree 110%. Firstly the OP does not convey a depth of experience or education. Most experienced drivers always keep up with situational awareness and use that data as input to driving decisions. Knowing there were severe cliffs around me, I would NEVER swerve to avoid an animal. Nine times out of ten, you are better to hold your course, brake hard, and impact the animal than trying to do some crazy evasive manuver. Second, education, I've always beleived that if you want people to take you seriously, you have to act serious and professional yourself. Do us a favor, objectively read over your first post. Do you feel it was written in such a way that would cast yourself in the best light?

Just saying. And yes, you are very lucky to be alive. Count your blessings for that. The car did save you. Don't go seeking a lawsuit.
Completely agreed with this, well said. If only more people shared this opinion and exercised it more often.

In all seriousness, I am very glad you and your friend are both relatively unharmed. Consider yourself lucky, count your blessings, and get well soon. Your experience is a testament to the safety of the car, and you should be writing BMW a thank you letter for building a quality steel box - not suing them.
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