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Originally Posted by cgtsx07 View Post
is this when you unlock/lock the doors or is this when you start the car?
If I leave the lights on Auto, they flicker about 7-8 times each when I unlock the door (just tried it), and after about 15 seconds they will fade & flicker off. If they turn off I and start the car with the DRL turned off, they flicker again 16 times each. Obviously if I have my DRL turned on, they won't flicker as the lights will come on immediatly, but I really hate driving around with the DRL as it looks really cheesy.

IMO, the LUX are only good on my car at night when I have the headlights on with the corner delete mod. However, it still doesn't look perfect since the LUX is more blue looking than the stock headlights and stand out. These are my personal opinions so don't get all offended when I dislike a product like this.

If the AiB will drop in price, I'll get rid of my LUX and use those since they look more white (matches the oem headlights... I've seen them in person, side by side with my car).