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SoCal: Malibu Canyon Runs

Hey Guys,

Does anybody else here like to hit the canyons on the weekends? It would be nice to see some 335s up there!

I'm up there on Sunday's whenever I don't have to work. I usually roll with some good buddies in STIs, Evos, S2Ks, etc... but no 335s! (except mine now).

If you don't know, the Malibu canyons have some of the best driving roads on the planet. Twisty, technical, and well maintained, the weekends see most traffic in the form of motorcycles and sports cars. The views are amazing! Always cool cars and bikes out too!

There are some police around, but I don't go up there to speed - just to enjoy the cruise. The speed limit is high enough to still have a lot of fun without breaking any laws.

We usually meet at the 76 station at PCH and Sunset Blvd.

It's about a 3 hour route with a stop at Neptunes Net (of F&F fame) for lunch. Great food!

Hope to see some of you out there. Maybe if there are enough of us, we can do a 335 canyon cruise.

- Dan