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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
Not only that, what the hell has Donovan McNabb EVER done to warrant that kind of swagger when he walks onto the field? That's pro wrestling bullshit. If Vince Lombardi were still alive he'd choke that bitch out.
well i think it all goes back to the youth thing. douchean jackson talked a whole bunch of shit, along with jeremy maclin, and as much as mcnabb said he wasn't buying into the idea that they were playing young, he plays their dumb games, too.

maclin even still says they're better after getting whipped 3 times! this was today:

"It's unfortunate. It's a little frustrating and that's pretty much it," Maclin said. "I'm still not going say they are better than us. They did a good job of coming out and playing football. But I'll still take my guys over anybody else in the league … They came up with some good things to throw us off-guard. If you look at personnel, I'm not going to say they are better than us. I think they played better than us today and last week."
shit talking, that's all it is. eagles didn't beat a single playoff team all year. stfu egal idiots. you're in the off-season now, time to quit crying.

i was watching nfl network yesterday and they compared dan marino to mcnabb. i almost threw up i was so disgusted. although marino never won a super bowl, marino was a class act guy and never partook in the stupidity mcnabb does...not to mention a better all-around qb.