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E91 328Xi x 19x9.5 +22/+7 VMR V701 x Toyo T1R


So I decided to take the wife's car and do a little makeover on it. 2007 BMW 328xi. M3 Front Bumper recently installed 2 days ago and recently destroyed 1 day ago thanks to the idiot tire guy who drove it up the lift and missed completely. Ill be getting a new one next week. It's lowered with KW V3's. Front has about 1" coil left while the rear is dropped to the max.

Thanks to Velocity for contacting me on these wheels. Knowing the wife is going to take this car daily on the harsh roads of downtown San Francisco, I really didn't want to spend on Volks although they too sponsor me on my track cars.

Ty and I got to talking about offsets and their new V701 and knowing I'm all about hellaflush, I wanted something with a really low offset. He mentioned 19x9.5 +22 would fit all the way around and with a little spacer in the rear, you could get what I was looking for.

As you can see, the front fits very flush to the fender. It's definitely not something alot of you are into but I love having my wheels the widest possible without prodruding past the fender. 19x9.5 +22 will do the trick with 235/35/19.

Ok, so here's the final setup where I feel comfortable with and I have no issues rubbing, etc. For those of you figuring out offsets and wheel sizing you can refer to this but please use it knowing my style is definitely different than most. The rear can fit with 1mm clearance but if you do get a flat tire, you'd better stop cause the tire will screw up your fender. I've never had this issue with my tires/wheels on my drift car and never had a blowout so just take precaution.

I tried 3 setups in various ways. 15mm, 20mm, 25mm H&R Spacers and two size tires from Toyo's T1R line. 265/35/19 & 255/35/19.

19x9.5 +22 with 235/35/19 = fits. No fender rolling needed. If you're too slammed, then you may have an issue trying to get out of a driveway that's mega steep but with this M3 bumper that sits mighty high off the ground, you can probably just go straight out instead of doing the super crawl out of the driveway maneuver.

25mm + 265/35/19 = doesnt fit. major pull needed. square tire, no stretch.
25mm + 255/35/19 = doesnt fit but can. more than minor pull. semi stretch
25mm + 235/35/19 = fits. Flatten sidewall with fender roller. With this setup , you're going to be running same tire size as up front. Nothing wrong with it and it's definitely suggested with an Xi so if you're running an Xi, go for it.

20mm +255/35/19 = does fit but you'll need to massage that rear fender with fender roller. semi stretch
15mm +255/35/19 = fits great. flaten sidewall with fender roller. semi stretch.

Final choice. 15mm w/ 255/35/19. (this means the final rim size is 19x9.5 +7)

I'm not too worried about xdrive. Tire Height is what is most concerned with driving an Xi. With this setup, theyre almost at the same height with the front being 25.5 and the rear being 26 overall diameter. I just lowered the rear 1/2" and sets it correct. I've had quattros slammed and never had an issue. I'll post up more photos soon.

(now i have 25mm and 20mm spacers for sale! )


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