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Hi E90-hackerZ :-)

I have developed a piece of PC-software for a BMW Carputer that comes with the look and feel of the latest 7-series (F01). While I am interested in telling you that I also thought I post some of the things I learners while developing it.
Initial findings came from a guy in spain who can be found at

He shared his findings very openly with me and I thought I share mine with this forum. Lots of codes as traced in my E65:

Lot of stuff in there, how to read the iDrive button, how to change the haptic, light status, steering wheel buttons being pressed. transmission (gear) position (P, N, D, R and 1-6), windows position, lights etc etc.

Best regards and keep it up.

PS: I would be particularly interested in some additional data regarding GPS data (lat and lon, must be somewhere on that bus...) as well as actual street and city info from the NAV.