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I bought a 2007 335i from BMW of Manhattan, which was bad enough experience... but then after...service was the worst one can ever imagine. There wasn't anything they could fix, seriously. Just for instance,- my 335i had "engine malfunction"...took many visits to service/fix problem and each time they work on car for couple of days and then they say it's fixed, and as I drive problem comes back. So, eventually I go to "Life Quality BMW" which I heard was soo bad too, but I've never been there before, so I figure BMW of Manhattan not able to fix problem so I'm willing to take my chances in Brooklyn. So, there in Brooklyn they fix the "engine malfunction" error in just few hours NO BS... I asked them what was throwing the error, and they said it just was Bad Solenoid, and BMW of Manhattan didn't perform the right test, which is,- Locate faulty solenoid, then switch places bad solenoid with good one and good one with bad one and if the bad one still shows error,-just replace it- problem solved. How easy was that? BMW of Manhattan could never fix such easy error! LOL.

Also, I made huge mistake at one point in regards to some other disagreement with SA BMW of Manhattan, I made a phone call to BMWNA (as I was supposed to), and ofcourse BMWNA only does mediations, negotiations etc,. so BMWNA takes my complaint, and calls BMW of Manhattan to mediate my problem... and BMW of Manhattan gets soooo pissed that I did that... their SA calls me on my cell phone and tells me not to bring my car in because they will not service it anymore. So I got "black listed" for complaining to BMWNA... although I bought the car from them and entitled for "loaner", now I'm kicked out because I'm liability to their getting bonuses etc,. Now I have to travel distances to service the car and I won't get a loaner in that other place... how ironic is that? But I don't care... I get much better service in Brooklyn now.

BMW of Manhattan is the Biggest BMW dealer in the country and services more than 200 cars a day! So, they don't have time for your car, thats why they make mistakes... thats why you could get "black listed" (they have plenty of other suckers and don't need you) ... thats why you won't get good $$$ deal on your car (they sell plenty cars and can afford not to sell one to you).

...and this isn't a rant.
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