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How did you get help? called 911, they didnt help much, bmw assist called my cell phone once i got up the mountain and they sent a CHP car up.
Was your cell phone right where it was before the wreck? my cell was in my pocket, the girls cell flew outa the car and still lost somewhere there.
You both went down the side in violent fashion and then climbed right back up? yes we climbed back up, i was dying in pain, she was bleeding on her left arm from the cuts.
Did you carry her up? no
Walked for help?no, bmw assist sent chp car up.
An ambulance took you both? no, chp took us to La crasenta sherrif department, and paramedics n fire truck came there. examined us both and left.
All that broken glass and nothing more than a few minor cuts? yes.

look guys.
whether you believe me or not. this is exactly what had happnd. I was in the car, She was in the car. if no one was in the car, the airbags wouldnt deploy. when BMW assist called me, the person over the phone asked me if i was ok then asked if the passenger was ok, without me telling them i had a passenger.

and no, i was no trying to impress a girl, and my car isnt overpowered. it was fully stock, i sold all my parts bout a year ago almost. just some show stuff left on car.

and i rarely come on this forum to even post or do nething.

and for the rims. they are from
message me, and i can get you a nice deal if ur around the area. the pics at the bottom of the page of the E92 335 is/was my car. so let me know.

ur choice whether to believe me or not.