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I think the location of the V1 is the key factor, if you have it in easy reach and where it is easy to see then you're all set, if you have it mounted elsewhere for convenience or stealth then the conceale display becomes more critical.

In terms of where to put it there are lots of options, it is quite easy to slim down the display so it is less than half an inch deep, this can open up more creative mounting options. In a cubby or the ashtray is also popular and pretty straightforward.

Beyond that things get more sophisticate, I have seen the display embedded in the gauge cluster (literally in it, mounted fromm behind), mounted in to part of the console (although very model/spec dependent) or embedded within the rear view mirror.

It all depends on your particular car, no solution suits everyone, do you have a flat trim area it could be embedded in? Would you be willing to pull the cluster out and start cutting? Would putting it in the rear view mirror suit you?

The first question is always where you have yoru V1 an dwhere you plan to have it if you use the concealed display to control it.