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OK, So i just got the kit installed and IT DOES WORK like it just came from the factory with the option... But the cost in dollars from Euros with the conversion fees etc.. came to 735$. Once the kit was installed, they completed the software update and now the clownnose blinks etc.. job well done.

Looking back, I should have just got that option and could have saved a couple of bucks..

If anyone tries this in the states and has issues and or needs a part you can get, I will be here til AUG of this year. So great find and enjoy..
Sounds like you let the dealer install the kit? Is that why it was so expensive? US customers will likely have to self install as 2 x local dealers told me they cannot install the kit unless its sold through BMW NA.

Were you able to get me the part # of the auxiliary cable???

Lucky for me I have family that lives near Dusseldorf so they can buy and ship to me. I'm just not convinced I'm going to bother. It look like an easy install except for the headliner bit. Thats got me a bit concerned.