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Originally Posted by Petercat
It's because BMW has ended their Advertising relationship with Fallon. Kind of a big deal here in Minneapolis, the home of Fallon.
I had the Fallon web team come give a little presentation to my students just when they launched "The Hire", I still have the original post card at my desk. It was a very cool experience. That campaign was pretty awesome, but I'm not so sure how it impacted BMW sales/image.
Agreed. The campaign produced some of the best ads/commercials in the industry, and BMW NA wouldn't have the image they have today (KKB's Best Brand for 06 award says more than enough) without Fallon. In the marketing world, the campaign has gained legendary status for its ground breaking works during the past decade.

I did not see the split coming, as I truely believe Fallon is capable of creating BMW's "next big thing" in marketing/advertising. But I can understand why Fallon said no to BMW NA's new marketing cheif -- put it this way, if the brand status starts falling in the future, it's entirely BMW NA's fault. Personally, I highly doubt that BMW could find a better or equally good agency. Let's see which firm they will finally decide on.

On a side note, IIRC, exactly the same thing happend to one of BMW NA's previous ad agencies in the early 90's: the campaign produced excellent works which gave tremendous help to BMW's sales, then BMW wanted the agency to compete with other firms for the account (so they can spend less). That particular agency was named Agency of the Year for standing up and saying no to BMW, and the next agency BMW went to was proved to be a total disaster.

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