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Lost power while driving

I had a bad battery and took the 335i to the dealership. They replaced the battery (2 trips and I had to take it to autozone to have it tested to prove it them). I drove the car about 200 miles home and lost power on the way home. The engine ran but it was really down on power and I had to keep it in a lower gear.

I pulled over and killed the car about 50 miles later and restarted it and things returned to normal. This is one of the codes that I pulled using the Bavarian:

29DC Cylinder injection switch-off
Error will cause a warning light
Error is not currently present
Test conditions have not been completed
Short circuit or signal interruption

The car has a dinan stage II and cat back on it. It does not feel the same. A little weak and has some lag to it.

Thoughts? Anyone else had something like that happen to them?