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Car going in for oil change really soon, 30k, want software update, how?

Its going in for its 30k service here soon. I want it to have the newest software on it as soon Im going tuned. I have pre 29.2 right now but from what I hear the newest stuff is fine. My idrive has been acting a tad up though, the wheel wont scroll sometimes until a button is hit on the steering wheel.

I do have a MSD 80, feb 08 build so I qualify for an automatic update because I have the new turbos and old DME, lol. Should I just take the TSB with me and say I qualify for this, do it while I am here?

Like I said, I follow the "Sept 07-March 08" level. Should be auto update.

EDIT - Also, can I tell them NOT TO CHANGE THE HPFP?? I dont want a new one, this one works. Can I tell them specifically not to give me one even if its under a recall if there is such a recall?