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For what's it's worth, I'm a 37 year old "Euro-car guy." I've owned Audi, BMW, Saab, Peugeot, Jaguar, and Alfa Romeo cars in my 21 yrs of driving. I consider myself a Saab guy at heart. (don't get me started on my hatred of GM at the moment). I like cars that are fun to drive and have good handling as rule #1, and unique as #2

The 335d replaced a 335i. ZERO thing I've ever done car-wise. The 335i was actually a bit disappointing...mainly from the reliability perspective. The 335d has been flawless. Just did a roundtrip from LA to San Fran and back....35 mpg, effortless power, refinement at highway speeds, and 610 mile range? LOVE IT!!

I can't think of a car that makes MORE sense in terms of efficiency, "green" performance, and fun. Probably the best car i've ever owned. Sure, it doesn't rev to 7000rpm, but after a few days of ownership, screw the revs! Give me the torque!!