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google 2 total rip off!!!!!!

well i havent been to big motoring world due to some of the post on here so i stayed clear!! but what i can say is i did go to 4front in eltham or 4used bmw which they also call themselves and surley big motoring world cant be as bad as that place??? it as advertised about 150 odd cars so me and the wife went down to choose our new family x5 and to my surprise it was the smallest tin pot garage iv seen!!! it had proberley 30 bmws none of the x5 id see advertised on his website, none of the cars was actually there i was interested in even though id had called them a day before coming down and spoke to them on several occastions, so why advertise them?? the saleman well what a joker he was a total waste of time feeding us both bull, then when asking for the manager some man i think called gary appeared from a porter cabin lol and was unhelpful and looked like a total state! there so called "garage" was more like a car lot less the coloured bunting and balloons so we ended up walking away with nothing all the bmws they did have were expensive and not in that good a nick to be truthful, so maybe this garage should go google number 2, (check them out) cause iv seen the cars and its a total waste of time unless you wanna buy a over expensive shoddy looking bmw outside and inside with high miles then that 4front is the place to go.......TERRIBLE!!!!!! still no X5 where can i go people???