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Hey guys, JD here from Crown BMW. I thought I'd chime in to clear up "some" of the confusion surrounding the 330/325 intake manifold topic. I dont have alot of time, so I'll just list some facts that might answer a few questions.

- The 330/328/325 ECU is the same for all three cars. As some have mentioned it's the programming thats different.

- The 330/325 share the same Automatic Transmission (which I would think should be more prone to faults and problems than it's Manual counterparts).

- The 325, 328, 330, as well as later six cylinder E60's all have the same N52 engine. The X3, X5, Z4, and earlier E60's all have the M54 engine.

- The 325, 328, and 330 are ALL 3 liters. The DISA intake manifold is pretty much the only difference.

In theory, you would only have to swap in the 3-Stage DISA 330i Intake to your 325 or 328 (325's and 328's have the same engine wiring harness as the 330, so the electrical connections for the DISA system are alreay there). The nearly impossible part is getting a Dealership to: 1.) Even consider doing this in the first place, and 2.) Further getting BMW to respond to a PUMA case asking them to write a new "Vehicle Order" software, so the car will now "think" its a 330. Which brings on a slew of EPA regulation issues.

So is it possible? I dont know. I dont even know if BMW can write new software, so But now you have more information to speculate over. Have fun.