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Originally Posted by billmister View Post

1-I will buy filter and oil from BMW but 1 does it matter what oil?.. I mean i know bmw high performance synthetic oil, but in the winter will you put 5w-30 and in the summer as well?
2-after your done, the odomitor (don't know how to spell) will still keep the count untill 15000 miles right?...
Because i plan on changing my oil at 7000 miles, and then i want my car to notify me at 15000miles.
3-How many of those bottles do you put into the car?... One 2 or 3?
Thank you, it seems pretty easy, lift the car, open the botter let the oil out. Close it back up. go to the engine and change the filter, then fill it up with oil, then start the car up and check if oil level is good!.. I think i have it pretty much down please correct me if anything.

1--huh..i am not sure about this Oil question because i checked on mobil 1 they recommend 0W40 on BMW 335i Coupe, but many people in here said they got it from BMW so i just bought it from them!!

2--Yes,My odomitor shows 14000 for oil change service.

3--i put in 6.5 six bottles and half.....

Good Luck and Enjoy!!!!
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