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Originally Posted by McMuffin View Post
Also, what do your meals consist of? (In general, speaking to everyone.)

0700: Egg beaters with chicken pieces, 10oz orange juice.
0900: Homemade protein bar.
1100: Two turkey wraps in wheat tortillas with Italian salad and fat free 1000 island dressing with water.
1300: Apple
1500: Homemade protein bar.
1730: Salmon, brown rice, Italian salad and water.
1930: P90x day #4.
2030: Protein shake with fruits and skim milk.
2200: Zzz
I'm about the same as you except I substitute lunch and dinner with lean cuisines.

On the weekends or when I have more time, I normally eat grilled salmon over a bed of baby spinach, feta cheese, dried cherries and tomatoes (sprinkle lemon on the salmon).

Edit: and a lot of water all day. Extra creatine in the AM and before I go to bed.