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Originally Posted by welkerbrads View Post
I just had mine in for service yesterday. I had a oil change and filter at 15000 and they changed the cabin filter then. My service light came on again at 23000 and they did the brake flush, wiper blades and the cabin filter again. I did my own oil change at 22000. I asked the service manager when he thought my oil change was do again and he said according to the key bob on the computer it will be dew in 8000 miles. If the car reads the oil break down it should be in 15000. This doesn't compute who is lieing
No one is lying. The system's ability to detect a problem with oil quantity is very limited, and that is not what the CBS normally tracks. There is not a sophisticated lab in the oil pan that is analyzing the oil.

Doing an oil change between the ones the CBS calls for does not change the countdown. Or to put it another way, the fresh oil is not recognized by the CBS. It is not that smart.