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Originally Posted by BMWfan07 View Post
I had squeaky brakes in the rear, took it to the dealership, they heard the noise and i left the car with them. I came back and they told me the sensor was not the problem as was possibly the reason according to the service bulletin. All they did was clean the rotors and pads and the SA told me they could charge me for the diagnosis and cleaning of my brakes. They did not charge me but I asked him how that would have been fair if they had charged me, because when i arrrived even they thought it was a warranty issue and the noise was likely the known issues with the sensors. How could they just say, well it was not the sensor so it is not a warranty issue, we cleaned the brakes, no more squeak, here is your bill ?? I was fortunate, but some of these dealers are tricky to deal with and i know a guy who will take his car to several different dealers if he was not satisfied with the work or there was no resolution at the previous dealership visit.
yea...thats the key issue "tricky dealers" and there are no clear-cut definitions of these problems and BMW's responsibility. The no-cost maintenance is a giant BS. 15000 miles for 1 oil change? lol...honestly I rather foot $700 for 4 years of maintenance from audi and it covers oil changes every 7500 miles.
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