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I spoke with a BMW rep this afternoon and he could only really speculate on pricing for the 335iS.

It was noted that the performance package (ZHP) on the E46 chassis wasn't far off of the cost of an E46 M3 (base wise) and thus provided a good indication for a price point.

I'm expecting the 335iS with Nav, Premium, etc to be close to 56k+

Some other random things that threw me off were regarding the aero and the availability of an L.S.D.

According to the rep, the ///m aero package may be an option...which confused me; I thought the aero we've seen would be factory...if not, what would be?

An L.S.D. is being discussed, but again, the head of ///M is heavily against its release, for obvious reasons.

With all that said, we're really no better off than before; just thought I'd pass any info along though.
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