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My dream project

Hello guys,

I have a project that i would like to share some thoughts with. Its just a dream, and i know it would be very difficult.

My dream is to order a E93 without navi or idrive, but with biggest sound package, and radio pro.

Then order the NAVI/Idrive instrument panel, switch the one that comes with the car. Install a touch screen of some sort where the navi usually is. Install a carputor behind it (computer in a car) with Windows Vista. It should have WiFi so i can transfer my music when the car is in the garage. It should have bluetooth card so i can connect my phone to it. And ofcourse some flashy navigation system.

Now to the hard part. Anyone know if i need to switch the entire instrument panel, or just the top part? Is it possible to connect yourself to BMWs speakers? Is it possible to buy BMWs mic and install it in a computer?

There are lots of questions, you dont need to know, thoughts are really appricated!

If you have any thoughts of what could be very hard, or what could be easy i'm really eger to hear!

Best regards,